Our Culture

Culture Changes at The Columns Community Care Center. 
It’s about the journey.

Culture change or resident centered care creates a bond between staff and residents that allows trust and sense of security that is priceless.



“Within our households, I constantly hear terms like ‘outrageous,’ ‘passion,’ ‘energy,’ ‘spirit,’ ‘attitude,’ and other exciting descriptions characterizing how our household teams celebrate our adaptation to culture change in our facility. But the most repeated word of all is ‘fun.’… Who would have ever believed?”

Brian Martin,
Market Manager



“We are on a journey committed to culture change, and we are making great strides in that direction. Everyone – staff and residents alike – is on board, working diligently to create a more home-like environment to live and work in.”

Mary Courtney,
Assessment Nurse,
Natchitoches Community Care Center


Our journey through resident centered care is based on a simple philosophy—enhanced living through honoring choices. This philosophy has allowed us to see dreams delivered. We find great opportunities to show that living continues and passions that individuals once loved can continue. This may be a trip to a wrestling match, a chance to cheer on your favorite college team at a baseball game or taking center ring at a circus. We take great pride in our community. Residents and staff can often be seen participating in events out in the community and members of the community are regular visitors and volunteers at our facility.

Honoring choices means not only looking at major desires, but also in the small day-to-day wishes. For instance, resident awake and bathe when they want to and not at the convenience of staff. The Columns has a refreshment bar with coffee, drinks and soft-serve ice cream that residents can enjoy at any time. Dining features choices. Visitors will even see our pet dog, Precious, scurrying down the halls.

This philosophy creates an atmosphere where both residents and staff enjoy being at The Columns, enjoy interacting and truly feel like family.

We believe that a stay at The Columns is only a change of address.

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